WOM Works • proving daily that word of mouth works.

Born in brand, bred in digital, we are the purveyors of integrated branded content and social media campaigns designed to move your needle forward.

We are a collective consultancy from Madison Avenue with diverse backgrounds, ranging in creative, production, tech and strategy. We made the jump to social media early to be among the first to invent and fuel what’s now going on the hyper-connected, technically-savvy social space. We do it by inserting big branded thinking across all channels in ways few agencies can replicate. Big-agencies move slow. Social Media agencies bypass branding. We combine efforts to build brands and create advocacy, resulting in long-term relationships between our clients and their customers

       Maureen McKeown, founder  (resume)   Maureen is an award-winning writer and Creative Director with a background in general advertising, direct response, digital and social media. Maureen has led many teams at some of the industry’s top advertising agencies including Ogilvy, Saatchi, Bozell, Wunderman, Grey and Big Fuel handling a long list of national clients. She led Michelle O’Bama’s Let’s Move efforts, before moving on to help start up social media maven Big Fuel where she launched Super Bowl efforts for Chevy, among other campaigns for GORE-TEX, Philips, PlaySchool and Digi-Key.

In addition, Maureen is the founder of GoTechMom.com empowering alpha moms through handy tech tools. As a hobby, Maureen enjoys taking photos around her hometown of Rye, NY where they are available for puchase at Gallery52.

CLIENTS SERVICED: Aflac  American Dairy Association Archdiocese of New York  AT&T  Aquafresh Bigelow Tea  CEC  Chevrolet Citibank  Citizens Bank  Clear Card  Crown Royal  Dannon  Design Studio  Fisher Price Goldfish Crackers  GORE-TEX  Grapenuts  Honey Bunches of Oats  IHG  Insignia  Kaplan  Kenner Kodak  Kraft Mobile Menus  Le Cordon Bleu  Lincoln Center  Lunesta  Maxwell House  MetLife Michelle Obama Microsoft  Mike Carroll Photography  Motorola  Nikon Panasonic  Pitney Bowes  Post Bran Flakes SAP  Sears  Slimfast  Time  Toyota  Vaseline  Veranicline  Verizon Wireless Verizon Fios & DSL Viking River Cruises


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